ESD, raised and hygienic cleanroom flooring

The right floor covering plays a crucial role in cleanroom.

Reducing the generation of electrostatic charges is the main purpose of control measures in ESD protected areas. It does not only drain electrostatic charges from personnel and equipment, but it also reduces the generation of charges there where they occur, at the interface between the shoe soles and the floor.

Consistent conductivity throughout the entire life time of the floor

The unique construction is completely free from volatile antistatic chemicals, ensures a permanent and stable conductive performance of the floor over its entire life time, totally independent from humidity and temperature..

Low body voltage generation

It is a natural fact that anybody can accumulate electrostatic charge just by simple motion or walking. By wearing the appropriate ESD shoes however, these charges will be securely drained through the dense network of conductive veins of ESD cleanroomflooring.


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