Facility Monitoring System

Our latest product is in the field of live data monitoring.

We can provide your facility with a monitoring system that ensures the safety and quality of your product in any controlled environment. A completely validated and GMP compliant monitoring system plays a key role in the field of life science, from drug manufacturing to stem cell research. With our monitoring system we can ensure that your products are always stored, processed, and handled according to product specifications.

Benefits of a Monitoring System:

  • Reduction in man-hours,
  • Data Protection with triple redundant recording,
  • Quick and easy reporting for governmental and regulatory agencies,
  • More awareness for personnel about the actual conditions inside the monitored surroundings.

Eliminate risks through reliable measurement. With CRT Facility monitoring system, together with Vaisala, we are able to ensure the functionality and proper levels in any controlled environment. We can measure up to 1000 different values in the facility and monitor them with the ViewLinc Sofware.

The System will keep you fully compliant with GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, CBER, SFDA, PMDA, ICH .. regulations. One of the main targets in a validated monitoring system is to Streamline operations and protect critical processes and sensitive products



  • Cleanroom measurement and monitoring
  • Refrigerator and freezer monitoring
  • Warehouse measurement and monitoring
  • Incubator measurement and monitoring
  • Calibration laboratory monitoring
  • Hospital pharmacy monitoring
  • Environmental Mapping Qualification
  • Nutraceutical processing monitoring and validation