Portable Particle Counter

Portable Particle Counter

KANOMAX 3910 and 3905

Featherlight Smallest 6-channel,
Portable Airbourne Particle Counter

The new 3910 & 3905 are the smallest 6-channel
portable particle counters in the industry; with a 50
LPM and 1 CFM flow rate respectively and a 0.3
micron sensitivity. Both units feature a large color
touch screen, streamlined, user-friendly interface and
pre-programmed standards mode to guide you
through the measuring and certification process it
may also be the most helpful. An optional
Climomaster environmental sensor provides the
ability to measure air velocity, temperature and
humidity making these instruments the ultimate tools
for cleanroom certification.










Handheld Laser Particle Counter 3886 GEO

The Kanomax handheld particle counter is perfect for monitoring cleanrooms and clean air devices.

Measures 5 particle sizes simultaneously, displaying 2 channels

Can log up to 500 datas and can be transferred to PC or printer

Built-in flow sensor enables highly accurate measurement of particle concentration (0.1CFM 10%)

Temp/RH and air velocity probes available as an option

Flow rate 0.1 cfm (2.83 l/min)

AC adaptor, rechargeable batteries 4 x AA NiMH




Handheld Laser Particle Counter 3887

Kanomax model 3887 particle counter is portable and easy to use. Measures 3 particle sizes simultaneously (0.3, 0.5, 5.0 µm) in cf or m³.Applications include cleanrooms, IAQ Investigations, Food Industries, Filter Testing, Aerospace, Hospital Surgical Rooms, and Paint Spray Booths.

Comes with AA size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

User can log up to 8,000 data and easy transmission to PC or Printer.

Ideal fit for your palm.

Can be used with regular AA alkaline batteries.

Network capable up to 8 units using Windows software.

Easy to read display