Biocidal disinfectants and cleaning products

Contamination Control

The AGMA range of disinfection and cleaning products cover the entire needs for cleanrooms of all standards. This complete system, without being overly complex, is the “AGMA Way” and helps you maintain a clean environment whilst keeping the disinfection process simple. All cleaning and disinfection needs can be met by only five different product types. Fewer different chemicals and simpler procedures save cost – 5 different product types meet all needs

• Neutral Detergent – Effective cleaning before disinfection

• Alcohol – IPA and Denatured Ethanol

• Biocides – Proceine and Qceine

• Sporicide – Zyceine

• High Purity Water – WFI Quality Water for rinsing

All products are verified by independent efficacy data, so you know that they will work as required and are available in various sterile and non-sterile formats depending upon your requirements.