Total Cleanroom Service

According to Your special needs, we are able to offer a total cleanroom service from customer centric planning and design to implementation and validation. In addition you can choose to have maintenance and service agreement including all needed garments to secure and maintain the validated classification level. Our wide product range cover e.g. coverall’s, wipes, sticky mats and stainless steel furnitures


Cleanroom solutions are a prerequisite forhigh-quality operation in processes which require strict control of process environment variables and set directives. Cleanroom acquisition is major investment as such but also the maintenance cost of clean room is significantly higher compared to ordinary production environment.

This naturally creates high pressure for maintenance savings. The savings are always possible, but to simultaneously secure high-quality operation the savings are possible only by concentrating on right issues.

Let’s take an example! When was the last time you have explored the functions, practicality and ergonomics of your cleanroom maintenance products by comparing them with the latest and most advanced products in the market?

Now use two minutes in analysing how much you could gain in process efficiency by enhancing the functionality of your current cleanroom garments and equipment? How about the cleanroom maintenance purhasing process – is there room for streamlining for gaining cost and time savings?

Set the day for your cleanroom survey!